Some Useful Tips On Picking Necessary Issues For Job Negotiation

job negotiation

Six years later, Brand and Warkentin founded Westco Equities Inc. and what started as a two-person office eventually grew to more than 100 employees. The firm started out in brokerages, but expanded into property management. And though Brand began with single-family homes, the expanding business grew to specialize in apartments and commercial properties. I saw the niche, Brand says. I like the investment properties. Around this time, Brand got a contractors license to go along with his real estate license. Westco then started construction services, mostly competing for maintenance work on the properties it managed. The business hit its apex, Brand estimates, around 2004 or 2005, when it expanded into rehabilitating apartment complexes and eventually developing single-family home subdivisions in Kerman and Chowchilla. We were making a lot of money back then, Brand says. site linkA strength of Brands is no doubt his obsessive personality. It served him well in his rabid push to graduate college as he morphed from wayward youth to disciplined adult.

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