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Once the manager establishes the job requirements, the human resources’ department places ads in the local newspaper and on-line. After you have developed the questions you will ask of each applicant, it is recommended that you develop a form that includes the questions, interviewer name, date, name of applicant, position being filled. Remember that any notes that you take when talking to a reference must comply with human rights legislation.Potential candidates may have the right to see what references have said about them so keep accurate notes. The lists are published annually in state and regional editions of Super Lawyers Magazines and in inserts and special advertising sections in leading city and regional magazines and newspapers. Local media, national publications not used as frequently, but may be suitable for certain positions and other paper advertisements JobTarget can provide assistance with most advertising media by coordinating your ad placement. However, use must comply with EEOC guidelines. Employment interviews It is a one to one interaction between the interviewer and the potential candidate. Reference checks are a last opportunity to verify information the candidate has provided, validate their personal suitability and explore any areas of concern. click to find out moreThe form should have plenty of room for noting responses to questions, follow-up questions, and space for additional comments. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed to determine whether or not the minimum qualifications have been met.

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Well, havent you been reading what each candidate stands for, Dud? Dud shrugged. Sure. But I firmly believe they only tell you what you want to hear. Theyre the best, and the other fella is going to take you straight to ruined aspirations. Ruined aspirations? piped up Steve, the cowboy with the owlish look of pure bowlegged intellectualism. Thats why Ive always thought we need a contest. A real contest. Have them put their aspirations where theyll do the most good. A contest? Bull riding, said Steve, nodding sagely. Just set their aspirations on a bulls back and the first one to fall off loses. But what does bull riding have to do with taxes and warfare and education and all that stuff? asked Doc. Nothing at all, said Steve, but you can bet it will separate the serious candidates from the oh-what-the-heck guys. Makes some sense to me, said Dud, with a grin. Only problem is, if they ride bulls, one of them might get killed. Steve grinned, Simplifies the selection process, doesnt it? Brought to you by the new radio program, Home Country with Slim Randles.

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